Inside Diamond Trading's Digital Transformation

With Group Wisdom & Co-Intelligence of team, AppQuell has the expertise to lead Custom Software Development in the Diamond Industry.

After our recent contribution delivering world’s 1st Diamond Trading EcoSystem, AppQuell is now the Subject Matter Expert (SME) of Designing and Development of B2B and B2C for Diamond Trading Industry. The Client was from Israel serving the Diamond Merchants Globally.

Working on an Extensive Application like this, We consider the smallest part that can increase user experience. Our world class database architect ensures the database flexibility for large scale platforms and support future scalability. With this, you can focus on your business expansion with a piece of mind without worry from the technical side.

We did provide our services to this startup from Diamond Industry to launch their platform & then scale up to an enterprise solution and become World’s biggest Diamond B2B trading platform.

The Glimpse from the Diamond Industry

GIA 4Cs of Diamond Quality

CUT: Cut of a diamond refers to the overall proportioned surfaces of a diamond.

COLOR: The more a diamond is colorless, the higher is its per-carat price. There is a huge price hike on the colorless diamonds because they are extremely rare. The grading starts from D, which denotes ‘Colorless,’ and reaches out till Z, which stands for light yellow.

CLARITY: Clarity of a diamond refers to the presence of minor imperfections both inside and outside the diamond.

CARAT: Diamond Carat Size is also determined by its overall appearance because of its approximate size, measure, Crown area, or total surface area.

Screens of Diamond Search #WeDeveloped

We developed diamond search tool which start by selecting 4cs and up to advanced search as shown below.

What we know about diamond industry?

Being a team of strong professionals we delivered the following features.

Integration with Diamond Certification

Logistics & Shipment Tracking

360 degree Diamond View

AI Powered Diamond Price Calculator

Price Guide for Natural Polished

Compare Diamond

White Labelled Solution for Retail Stores

Broker Solution with Price Adjustments

Custom UI for Private Stores

Diamond Price Evaluation and Trends

Online Tenders and Trade Shows

Diamond Auctions, Negotiations

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